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Planning a grand  tour? A must in a lifetime, there is value in doing a luxurious grand tour many times over. The grandeur of  can not be overstated. The  contribution to world history, development and evolution is endless… and priceless.

From art, culture, politics, and science to religion, philosophy, technology and of course luxury, the stature of the  is grand in the minds of people everywhere. The luxury life style that can be experienced in the famous locations of Costa del Sol and Ibiza in Spain, the French Riviera or  , the Tuscany region of Italy, the Davos ranges of Alpine Switzerland, or Kampen in Germany. The extent of luxury in these locations has the power to move the mind. It can inspire, invigorate and empower one’s sense of who they are and what they are destined for.

Luxury Car Rental has a highly prestigious and exclusive range of luxury vehicles. Each in their own distinct character, makes the perfect vehicle for a grand tour of  . Hire the Geneva Range Rover Autobiography to make tracks across the snow laden slopes of Les Trois Vallées. The Range Rover, with its deep embedded character of regal dignity, majestically combines a powerful automotive strength with the grace and elegance of a true luxury vehicle.

From  rent a Ferrari, either the 458 Italia, LaFerrari or the F12 Berlinetta, each a celebration of the flamboyant style that makes Italy so iconic. In their ultra dynamic handling and fast speed capabilities, the exhilaration of driving a Ferrari will keep you going well into the night.

From a Mercedes Benz GL, to a BMW X5, renting a luxury car in  , is the best way to experience a moment of luxury. Long after the moment has passed, it will be the legacy to stay with you forever.

Luxury Cars  Rental

When in   settle into a journey of luxury. Hire the Audi R8 coupe or her equally sinister sister of seduction the Audi R8 Spyder. For a moment of classic elegance hire the Rolls-Royce Phantom, a regal car that drives powerfully with breathtaking dignity. Our online booking system offers a fluid and easy-to-navigate search process, allowing you to easily answer questions such as how to rent a car? and how much does it cost to rent a car? With an easy booking process and the details of car rental insurance quickly worked out, you can find yourself pursuing  horizon’s faster than you think.

Seeking to hire/rent an exotic car rental in  ? Look no further, Luxury Rides is the premiere destination for all exotic car rentals! With our lowest price guarantee, impeccable and newest exotic rental fleet in Las Vegas that will suit anyones needs.

At  Luxury Rides, you’ll get to experience freedom in any one of our exotic rental cars. Our rentals only have Fabulous Nevada license plates. You are the only one that will know it’s a rental. It’s your exotic rental, which means you can cruise  with the top down. Take a road trip to Hoover Dam and then view the beautiful scenery of Red Rock Canyon…

We require no deposits, provide complimentary shuttle pickup and VIP service…
Unlike other rental companies, we always list the year, make and model.

25 years of age or older

In  , exotic car rentals are in high demand all the time. Entertainment industry professionals, business people, and drivers with discriminating tastes are among our elite clientele at Midway Car Rental. We are the city’s largest source for exotic car rentals and tailored rental services.

Celebrities, musicians, and other stars often depend on our exotic car rentals to get them to and from nightclubs, award shows, and other important events. We are completely prepared for any type of situation and can often handle last minute exotic rentals with ease from any of our LA locations. Each vehicle we have in our inventory is

If you are looking for exotic car rentals in LA, Midway Car Rental is the best choice. We have been in business since 1970 and have more experience, inventory, and business savvy than any other rental agency in the entire area. What’s more, we also have some of the finest automobiles, SUV’s, and vans available for rental on the market.

To get started with your  rental process, simply enter your pick up and drop off location and the dates of your rental on our website. From there, you will be directed to a list of rentals available  . You will get the lowest price we have available on every class of vehicle we offer. We also encourage you to check back for specials and promotional discounts.